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FS Mackenzie International offers comprehensive Road Freight services within Europe and the ex-USSR countries. With an extensive network of our own offices and international partners, we also offer road delivery throughout Eurasia:

  • FTL and LTL transportation within Europe
  • FTL and LTL transportation between Europe and the ex-USSR countries
  • Road truck delivery between ex-USSR countries and truck delivery services from China to Russia and Europe

We can offer our customers the following types of road transport:

  • Tilt Trailers including Mega, Jumbo, High Cube, Road Trains, Tautliners
  • Refrigerated Trailers providing Deep Frozen and Ambient Temperature cargo movements
  • Low Loaders with heavy lift capacity
  • Hanging garment Trailers
  • Walking Floor trailers
  • Skeletal Units (For Container deliveries)
  • Express Sprinter vans

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Oversized and out of gauge cargo delivery

For this specialized type of cargo, we offer the full range of services within Europe and from Europe and China to any region of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other ex-USSR countries. The term "Oversized" describes consignments whose dimensions do not comply with the norm, so that specialized transport equipment must be used because of the cargo's unusual dimensions.
In providing our international oversized transport service, we are very careful to comply with the laws of all countries through which your cargo must transit. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and making the arrangements most suitable for each particular customer:
  • We will research the possibility of reducing the cost of transportation and choose the best route and vehicle to offer you the most competitive price
  • We will prepare all documentation (including documents for international border crossings) and will ensure that all regulations for safe and legal transportation are observed
  • We will put in place all necessary measures for secure delivery and arrange a security escort for your cargo, where necessary

Groupage (LTL and Consolidation)

Small cargo delivery within Europe or from Europe to Russia, Ukraine or Georgia can be effected via one of the following
FS Mackenzie Services:
  • Regular weekly Line-haul groupage service using transit terminals
  • Part-load service using direct or non-direct truck from country of origin to country of destination
  • Dedicated express small truck delivery from shipper to consignee.

FS Mackenzie offers the following LTL and Consolidation truck service solutions:

  • Europe to Russia via Vilnius, Lithuanian hub, weekly service 10-15 days
  • Europe to Ukraine via Warsaw, Polish hub, weekly service 7-12 days
  • Europe to Georgia via Sofia, Bulgarian hub, weekly service 10-15 days
  • China to Russia via Manzhouli, Chinese hub, weekly service 23-25 days
  • Internal Russian consolidated cargo delivery

(Wherever transit days are stated these are strictly subject to standard customs transit times and to normal road and weather conditions)

FTL Full Truck Loads

When the customer wishes to arrange for the regular and frequent transportation of a significant volume of goods, or a one-off large consignment of goods or equipment, our Full Truck Load (FTL) service is the most popular option. Our international haulage partners are our long-standing collaborators, each one carefully selected for its expertise. This allows us to offer our customers a genuinely competitive and cost efficient service.
We operate the following types of trailer:
  • 82, 86 and 92 cubic metre tilt trailers
  • Jumbo/Mega trailers as well as Road Trains with 100 - 120 cbm capacity
  • Reefer, temperature controlled and Box trailers
  • Small 15 to 50 cbm volume trucks

Hanging garment delivery

FS Mackenzie offers a large range of fashion logistics solutions including GOH (Goods on Hangers) delivery in special hanging garment adapted trucks.

We can offer:

  • GOH and carton distribution in Europe and Russia. All trailers are fully equipped to transport hanging garments safely and securely
  • All vehicles used have air suspension. This provides improved protection from vibrations, so that garments are less likely to fall from the rails
  • At customer’s request we use special trackers to monitor
    our trailers and ensure that vehicles are parked securely overnight

Domestic deliveries inside Russia

We offer truck deliveries throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, ensuring the safety of goods and adhering to the agreed transit times. We can provide long distance deliveries as well as domestic distribution inside one region or within city limits.

For deliveries inside Russia we can offer the following alternatives

  • Full truck delivery of general cargo, temperature controlled cargo and dangerous goods, small trucks from 1.5 tons and up to 20 tons, trailers and mega-trailers
  • Long distance delivery, shuttle deliveries and local distribution within one region (Central region, North-West, the Urals, Siberia and Far-East regions of Russia) or within one city
  • Cross-docking services, groupage/LTL solutions within Russia and the CIS countries, one loading - one unloading, sequential point distribution

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