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FS Mackenzie International offers air freight services of varying complexity a well as a wide diversity of routes.

Thanks to a large international network of airline agents, as well as many years of experience, we have available space on flights all year round, door-to-door services and very competitive prices.

In this highly competitive market, our air freight services are adapted to the requirements of our customers

  • FS Mackenzie International has representation at airports in the UK (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted), Germany (Frankfurt am Main), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Anapa), Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv) and Georgia (Tbilisi)
  • Our global agents network allows for service at every airport in the world and on-transportation to final destination

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Regular direct airfreight services

The use of direct flights allows our customers to enjoy the shortest transit time for delivery, which is the main advantage of airfreight service. FS Mackenzie has long-standing contracts with most of the largest airlines in Europe and the world such as British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Silk Road, International Ukraine Airlines, Hainan, AirBridgeCargo and others.

The most popular regular direct airfreight routes we use:

  • London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Mumbai, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen - Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) and Ukraine (Kiev)
  • New York, Chicago - Russia and Ukraine
  • Istanbul - Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Ukraine (Kiev) and Georgia (Tbilisi)
  • Frankfurt, Beijing, Los Angeles, Johannesburg - Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg) and Ukraine (Kiev)
  • China and USA - UK and back

Non-direct services

In cases where the number of direct flights from the country of departure to the country of destination is limited, the decision to send the cargo with transshipment in the transit country is a good option which reduces the cost of air freight delivery with only a slight increase in transit time.

We can offer the following popular non-direct airfreight routes:

  • America - via Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Belgrade) - Russia or Ukraine
  • America and Asia - via Istanbul - to Georgia
  • Singapore - via Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Baku - Russia or Ukraine
  • Combined 'Air + Truck' or 'Air + Short sea' services from Asia and America via Europe to Russia

Air consolidation

This type of airfreight service gives our customers the opportunity to decrease the cost of delivery with little impact on the transit time. FS Mackenzie uses consolidation warehouses in the countries of origin to combine air cargo from different customers into a single airfreight shipment.

We currently provide services on the following regular consolidation routes:

  • China (Shanghai, HKG, Beijing) - Russia (both Sheremetievo airports, Moscow)
  • China (HKG airport) - Russia (Pulkovo airport, St. Petersburg) or Finland (Helsinki) with delivery forward by truck to St. Petersburg
  • USA (JFK airport) - Russia (Sheremetievo airport, Moscow)
  • USA (JFK airport) - Ukraine (Borispil airport, Kiev)

Cargo charter service

Charter air transportation of goods implies the lease of an aircraft to meet the special requirements of a client. Charter flights deliver dangerous and bulky goods in cases when their delivery on regular passenger or freight flights is impossible, or when the cargo is very urgent.

We offer the following charter service routes:

  • Asia - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia - Asia
  • Asia - Europe - Asia
  • America - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia - America
  • Europe - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia - Europe

Onboard courier shipments

In cases where time is of the essence, we offer individual courier delivery - a fast, reliable and tracked method of transportation. To send any packages and cargo, ranging from confidential documents, to critical parts for production lines, our team of onboard couriers has all the necessary visas, which allows them to fly out from anywhere on the planet with your cargo almost immediately, ensuring delivery as soon as possible.

F.S. Mackenzie International offers:

  • A worldwide network of couriers
  • Comprehensive service knowledge and expertise
  • Door-to-door solutions in most countries of the world
  • Customs clearance and many additional services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Personal assistance at Customs points provided by experienced local FS Mackenzie staff

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