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We offer a comprehensive range of warehouse services, based on WMS and our trade experience, from storage to specialised procedures such as:

  • Cargo labeling
  • Pick & pack
  • Wrapping with polyfilm

We have specialized equipment for packaging which provides supplementary protection for the goods and prevents damage during transportation.

This equipment makes it possible to prepare goods for the consignee’s stock (group packaging of several units).

Our modern Pick and Pack facilities allow us to pack and consolidate individual items into parcels, ready for despatch according to the customer’s special requirements („commissioning“).

According to new requirements under Russian Law, we can carry out the full process of cargo labeling with special marks and furnish information to the ERP system of the client. This can be arranged for the following types of cargo for which labeling is mandatory in Russia:

  • Fur products and coats
  • Bed linen
  • Shoes, textiles and leather
  • Photo equipment
  • Tyres

A modern video surveillance system with remote access allows the customer to monitor all processes that occur in the warehouse.

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Als Logistikspezialisten verbinden wir Ihre Anforderungen mit unserem Wissen – wir arbeiten strategisch, kundenorientiert und organisieren gerne für Sie auch schwierige Transportlösungen.

Da die Herausforderungen an die internationale Logistik sehr komplex sind, stehen wir als direkter Ansprechpartner Ihnen über den gesamten Prozess zur Seite.

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